Chanel’s Rainbow


The Chanel Rainbow collection pops from the pages of all of the Spring fashion magazines. The Daily Beast called it a “painterly print featuring every possible colour on the colour wheel. The final dresses, which were fashioned in this print, were a particular standout and were pieced together using fabric strips, lace, ruffles, and pleating.”

Do you think Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by the Stroppel Cane, when he designed the center top and pants?

Another Mystery Artist

aja vazA search for Aja Vaz will lead you to her blog, etsy and facebook pages…but little else in the way of a background. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, follow the link to Aja Vaz’ Google Images.

Anthrophomorphic Form

katherine wheelerAustralian artist, Katherine Wheeler, received a BFA in Gold and Silversmithing, but her recent work has moved her toward the delicate materials of porcelain, paper and thread. “Wheeler mainly makes sculptural jewellery, and hollowware that combine materials such as thin silver, porcelain, paper and thread. The works and  materials are often ‘camouflaged’ under white paint, to create a new skin for the forms which are anthrophomorphic, the white bleaches the forms leaving them with the appearance of  shell or bone.”

Retaining Fluidity

Monica-Rudquist-Monica Rudquist works primarily in porcelain and is know for her distinctive spiral design. “I love forming a piece of clay on the wheel while it is in a fluid state and I am compelled to create forms which retain this fluidity and gesture,” the Minneapolis artist explains. “I am curious about how far I can push the clay. I test these limits by cutting and recombining thrown forms. This begins a dialogue with the clay that spurs more questionsand responses to the developing form. I choose to work with traditionally functional objects because it introduces the possibility of creating sculptural forms that relate to people on a personal level.”

Rigid Fragility

alex horstAlex Horst uses the rigid fragility of gemstones to counterbalance the ‘ductile properties of gold & silver’. Simple geometry and clean lines are the cornerstone to Alex Horst’s gemstone carvings and jewelry creations because they allow the elegance and beauty of nature to speak for itself. He then adds gemstones – either sparkling or opaque – to create visual texture, brilliance and balance.’

Toils to Tranform

atelier zobel (791x800)German artist, Peter Schmid, finds beauty in even humble materials. “I think of myself as both artist and craftsman. The artist seeks inspiration to unlock the hidden beauty in people, places and materials; the craftsman toils to transform ideas into a finished object. 
“I work with materials that emerge from nature. A flawless diamond is clearly beautiful – but the same beauty can be found in every stone, regardless of its value, once its character is revealed.”

Awesome Wonderment

earl pardonEarl Pardon’s bracelets jumped off the Pinterest page…and onto one of my boards. This quote from a 1980 retrospective now haunts the way I look at minutiae…“In Nature and its awesome wonderment I find this equally true—a growth of moss can be visually more significant than a forest; a singular stone can be more interesting than a mountain.” Artist’s statement, Earl Pardon: Retrospective Exhibition, Skidmore College, 1980″


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