Clean & Delineated

karen vanmolKaren Vanmol is inspired by the architecture of the city and the texture of the natural landscape. “A city without a little nature works claustrophobic for me, but a nature landscape with no sign of humanity is too quiet for me. Protecting or imitating nature, the use of natural materials in architecture, the restoring of a road surface, accidental strong shapes on a construction site, these things I find very interesting.”

mckenna-hallet2McKenna Hallet’s challenges herself create jewelry with low or no impact to our planet. “I want to create objects of art with a minimum of impact on OUR PLANET and to this end I will never use electricity or heat or corrosive chemicals to construct my jewelry and I will use as few items as possible from newly manufactured sources.” The two photos on her home page highlight her ability to source materials and see a future for the metal far removed from it’s original purpose. 


Natural Connection

daria salusDaria Salus grew up in Chicago, but her work as a jeweler began in Santa Cruz, California. “For over two decades, Daria has used her ever-developing “deep connection to the ocean and forest environments” as a springboard for creativity, crafting pieces that are at the same time personal and universal, connecting hand-crafted art with the spirit of nature.”

jill hermansJill Hermans likes to take one idea and explore it to the max! “Sometimes I find that a simple pattern can be like an extremely catchy song. The pattern or configuration screams loudly in my head until all possibilities are explored and exhausted; one idea leading on from the other in a chain of possibilities. I have come to notice more and more that the art of jewellery making is for most an obsessiveness: a want to explore a material, form or concept to the very end. At the present time my mind is occupied with the Japanese alloy shibuichi, and Japanese ideals of beauty and truth that seem to click so well with this rich material. By juxtaposing simple shapes and forms with rich and intricate surface colours and textures I am able to create a balance between simplicity and complexity. These explorations result in playful works that push the boundaries of conventional perceptions of the material, whilst still staying true to the essence of the metal.”

Transformation Game

gustavo delgadoGustavo Delgado considers making jewelry a ‘transformation game’. “My work in Jewellery attempts to explore the abstraction of shapes with the purpose of liberating them form their commonness. Behind the veil of everydayness, many natural or artificial shapes surround us, sometimes with real movement and in other occasions feigned, and when we recover the forgotten surprise of observing them, it is then that the temptation to create becomes irresistible and inevitable. It is this astonishment for shapes, its symmetries and disorders that starts up my creative process.

And at the workshop, the transformation game, everything changes and moves around us, but it can cause changes and even accelerating them represents another temptation, to which I succumb, and succumb again…”

Sorry for the delay in posting. Bill and I have been ‘retired’ for a total of three weeks and he has been fighting pneumonia for two of those…with ten days in the hospital. Things appear to be going in the right direction now and we are closer to recycling our lives…again…

alan-wallwork2If you take the time to read Alan Wallwork’s introduction, you will find that the spirit of his work lies in simplicity and a respect for the primitive and the natural. “Preferring non-repetitive work, using hand-building and wheel-thrown processes, Alan has produced an extensive range of functional sculptural forms and glazed tiles. Working mostly in stoneware and porcelain with great variety in surface treatments, and techniques to produce an array of textures, colours and time worn effects.”

annie morganAnnie Morgan’s blog begins with a beautiful description of creativity. “Creativity keeps a messy house. She dances on your shoulder when you least expect it… to music you have never heard before. She whispers in your ear at night while you are trying to sleep…she is elusive in the morning.– A. Morgan”

Sorry for the delay in posting, but we have spent the last week dealing with the myriad of issues that come with closing a business and ‘cleaning’ out the office and warehouse. ( I think much of it ended up in my garage.) I am now fully retired from wearing my business hat and moving toward life as a full time artist.


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