Not Just the Blue Box

tiffany circles pendant-jpgTiffany’s little blue box has always been a symbol of beautiful design, even before it is opened. The Tiffany 1837 Collection “is proudly inscribed with the year that Tiffany & Co. was founded, this iconic collection gives a nod to the past while expressing a modern sensibility with sleek curves and smooth contours.”


Say It With Flowers

mis viv

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggested you Say It With Flowers. Needless to say, this timely sentiment was expressed shortly before Valentine’s Day. The most interesting item in the accompanying photo was the Roger Vivier handbag, featuring a beautiful spare pattern of budding flowers on a delicate pink background. My mind immediately jumped past February to a warm, sunny spring day with the scent of flowers in the air. It won’t be long now!!!

Art on You…Not on the Wall

roy lichtenstein“This is the kind of art you hang on you, not on a wall”…or so reads the advertisement for the Roy Lichtenstein brooch. The very interesting fact in this 2014 Artists Books and Multiples blog post is the price of the brooch in the ad…$35. If you read further, you will discover it is now available on Ebay for $8950. 

Colorful Chaos

mark grotjahnThe featured photo of Mark Grotjahn’s Untitled (Circus No.1 Face 44.19) appeared in the Arts in Review section of the Wall Street Journal this week. Additional work by the artist may be found here. I am not certain why I was captivated by this painting, but my head has been spinning with ideas ever since.

Expensive Tick-Tock

louis-vuitton-escale-worldtime-watch-1Louis Vuitton’s name is synonymous with elegance & timeless design. Now, the design is time…or in this case the Escale Worldtime “featuring a dial that displays 24 cities and countries around the world and hand painted with 38 differing colours. The new complication has been designed to rid the face of extra hands and replace them with three separately rotating dials. With such workmanship (it’s takes a whole week to paint one face alone) it’s no wonder that only 20 will be made this year (and that each will set you back $67,000)”.

While this watch is not in my price range, the  handpainted squares on the face are great inspiration for a series of canes. 

beetleLiving in the south, I have learned to co-exist with a wide variety of creepy crawlies. Patrice Bouchard’s The Book of Beetles  “showcases 600 species of the creature, including life-size photographs of examples from bright fireflies (a type of beetle) to quarter-pound Goliath beetles. Mr. Bouchard is a research scientist at the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes in Ottawa, where he tracks beetles’ effects on agriculture.” 

I hope you enjoy the photos in this Wall Street Journal article as much as I did…the patterns and/or colors may inspire your next creation.

Fanciful & Luscious

tai vautier2Tai Vautier describes these stack rings as ‘fanciful & luscious’.Though studying psychology is a secret love of mine I mainly grew up painting and drawing and creating lots of art projects. I took jewelry making in high school and ‘lost wax’ casting in college. Later after I completed my degree in psychology I turned to jewelry making as my love for adornments has always captivated  me. One of my most favorite artists is Alfonso  Mucha and though my jewelry is not following in this vain he has always been my greatest artistic inspiration.”


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