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The September fashion magazines are stacked in my studio with pages ripped out for scanning or dog eared for future reference.  During a quick page through of Elle, I discovered that even the august house of Chanel has a playful side. The photo from the Fall 2016 collection features three designs with colorful resin emoji brooches scattered throughout. Another dominant element that appears frequently in designs this fall is the use of grommets.

More ‘notes’ in later posts as I work my way through the stack. Hmmm!!! I love this homework!!!


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The Chanel Rainbow collection pops from the pages of all of the Spring fashion magazines. The Daily Beast called it a “painterly print featuring every possible colour on the colour wheel. The final dresses, which were fashioned in this print, were a particular standout and were pieced together using fabric strips, lace, ruffles, and pleating.”

Do you think Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by the Stroppel Cane, when he designed the center top and pants?

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In a Back to The Future design trend,chanel it is time for checks and plaids…again. The featured items go from Quay Eye Wear’s Glomesh sunglasses at $40 to Chanel’s tweed bangle at $775. ‘Check’ out the May Elle magazine for more tartans and tweeds.

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chanel-redThis ‘sweet’ little ring from Chanel is definitely out of my price range. (When it states ‘price upon request’…that is a given.) But…this design can be translated into polymer, metal…and a myriad of other materials. I would love to see what you can do with the design. Send them to me for a future posting.

Again…thank you to Netpage for making this post sooooooooo easy!!!

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The tweed and silk bag on the page immediately caught my attention. I was surprised to to find that it was from Chanel…not my idea of classic Chanel.

I’ve seen some interesting wrapped cording for pendants recently with this ‘shaggy’ surface. I need to put that on my To-Do list.

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Another pun…SORRY!!!  I found this Chanel cuff on the same page (January Elle) as the rope bangle featured yesterday. Follow this link for a photo from the Chanel Cruise Line. Who cares if I’m in Ohio and it is the first week of winter? I can already smell the salty air of the ocean and feel the warmth of the sun on my face.

BTW: The model’s hair looks vaguely familiar!!!

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chanelI don’t know what I can add to a description of the classic black and white combination. Add the design label Chanel and we move up a notch. The featured item is a cashmere and silk body suite from Chanel. Doesn’t that sound luscious? Of course it has a luscious price tag as well…$2510.

I love the design elements featured on the body suit…but that isn’t what first  caught my eye on the page. The photo from the Alexander McQueen runway show stopped my page turning. I’m not sure what to say about the lipstick. For once, even I am speechless. (If you have time…watch the fashion show from the Atlantis. What a production!!!)
alexander mcqueen

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