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alexis bittarAlexis Bittar began his career as a jeweler selling antique and vintage jewelry on the streets of lower Manhattan. At 22 he began to focus “On Designing His Own Line Of Costume Jewelry, Influenced By The Antique Collectibles He Grew Up Around. He Began Hand Carving His Lucite Collection From Within The Confines Of His One–Bedroom Apartment While Simultaneously Creating A Second Line, Made From Semi–Precious Stones And Metals.” Today, he is described as “One Of The Greatest Jewelry Designers Of The 21st Century”

The basic shape of this Alexis Bittar ring falls into the ‘we can do this category’…and the material is a ‘cousin’ of polymer…lucite!

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Terri Logan works with metal and river rocks because of their inherent strength. “I use metal and stones (river rocks) because they are inherently strong materials. The combination of metal and stone allows me to integrate the industrial and organic elements of our world. These materials are rich in their historic value, and intrinsic to our growth as a civilization; their abundant character, separate or in relation to each other, offers me infinite possibilities as a language.”

Terri does not have a web site, but you will find links to her work in various galleries across the country on Google Images. 

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend…the last wave of family arrived last night…LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

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