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I’ve noticed a trend in jewelry in the last few months. The workmanship is exquisite but the finished pieces have a chunky or unrefined feel. The ad from Yossi Harari follows in the ‘footsteps’ of Friday’s post. I love the raw unfinished look.

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Yossi Harari is an Israeli jewelry designer. Quadrum describes his work as: “Marrying the exotic and classically feminine designs of Byzantine and Etruscan jewelry, with his modern, chic and whimsical style, Yossi makes each piece in this collection timeless, wearable and contemporary.”

A visit to either site will be inspirational. BTW: Quadrum is a gallery of  international jewelry artists.

I live in Ohio, grew up in Missouri and Nebraska, so the snow is a must on the blog. We don’t have snow today…hooray…just 55 mph winds. The last time we had winds this high 2 million Ohioans lost power. Cynthia Tinapple has an interesting photo that shows what most of Columbus looked like on September 14, 2008. Let’s hope we fare better today…it is 50 degrees cooler!!!

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