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As you can tell by now…I have a fondness for bracelets and the bracelet page at Wear Art Now made my heart skip a few beats. As you scroll through the page, you will see why I had a difficult time deciding which bracelet to feature…changing my mind several times. “Joseph Gatto’s love of the earth and all living creatures is expressed through his jewelry, painting and photography. A deeply mystical artist and craftsman, Gatto views the earth as a vital sphere, offering a precious environment for mankind to honor, protect and respect. His topographic “Environmental” bracelets may be viewed as seen from the air, reminding us of earth’s great deserts and mountains, and vast waters. Earth’s living elements of stone, wood, and precious metals reveal a spirit that comes alive as the individual wears the art piece. His artworks are individually created to bring a rich element into our lives, moving us away from the dullness of a primarily “manufactured-object” world.”

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