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louis-vuitton-escale-worldtime-watch-1Louis Vuitton’s name is synonymous with elegance & timeless design. Now, the design is time…or in this case the Escale Worldtime “featuring a dial that displays 24 cities and countries around the world and hand painted with 38 differing colours. The new complication has been designed to rid the face of extra hands and replace them with three separately rotating dials. With such workmanship (it’s takes a whole week to paint one face alone) it’s no wonder that only 20 will be made this year (and that each will set you back $67,000)”.

While this watch is not in my price range, the  handpainted squares on the face are great inspiration for a series of canes. 

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My ‘day’ job is in the Interior Design industry. The paint swatch watch from May 28th jumped off the page and into my heart. Now…would it be in my price range…probably not!!! Hooray…it was only $39!!!

I had another pleasant surprise. The link listed a website called supermarkethq.com. What a treasure trove of inspiration and ideas…HAVE FUN!!!

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Wait until you see the home page for Cartier!!!  Just click on your country.  The ‘kitty’ is also featured in a two page ad in Elle…chewing on a beautiful red and gold jewelry box. As I ‘toured’ the Cartier site the term ‘dripping with diamonds’ came to mind. My original intent was to talk about the trend of animal prints. That topic pales when you view the craftsmanship and the stones that appear on page after page. Have fun window shopping this last day of the year.

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