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leejofa2The Lee Jofa site does not have the ad I mentioned earlier this week…but I found this breathtaking ad while I was searching. Actually, the ad stream is well worth the time. The color combinations are informative and inspirational. Just click on About Us…Ads will be one of the options. Then click on the arrow in the lower right corner of the ad box to scroll.  Sorry, there isn’t a direct link.

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mulberrySeveral days ago I mentioned that the Jane Churchill fabric element was gold with burnt orange undertones. This paper from Lee Jofa features both of those colors. Gold and Orange pair beautifully together.

I will check the Lee Jofa site periodically. I hope to feature a wonderful ad that I found in the new Elle Decor…a feast for the eyes…pinks moving into oranges!!!

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graham-brownThis striking wallpaper is from Graham & Brown. The Chantilly pattern is designed by LLB. I love the description of the design…”Inspired by one of France’s most romantic castles, Chantilly undulates with a serene glamour. The repeat, with its deferential nod in the direction of Art Nouveau, has created one of the most distinctive and sexy rooms in the Llewelyn-Bowen’s manor house.”

The site is full of strong design elements and interesting descriptions.

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I was doing research for a customer today and went to the York wallpaper site. I know I have featured York before…but the new home page photo is worth a second visit. This is the Ronald Redding paper with the Swarovski accents. Also, note the color combination of the paper…chocolate brown and a soft blue …seems to have moved from trend to classic.

I looooooooooove the Stacy Garcia chocolate brown and white paper featured as the image for collections.  Wouldn’t that make a terrific cane?

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Yes…it is wallpaper and Yes…they are feathers…and No…you don’t want to know the price!!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that wallpaper is drastically different from your mother’s and grandmother’s wallpaper. This is a good example. This paper is from the Schumacher “Nest” collection. It is soooooooo expensive that we don’t have even a small sample in our showroom. The sales rep brought it in for a seminar…IT IS AMAZING!!!

In future posts I plan to show more of the design elements that are part of my day to day work environment. I am blessed to be surrounded by 80,000+ samples of fabric and wallpaper. If I can’t find a link for the fabric or wallpaper…I’ll scan it.

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Run…don’t walk to your nearest wallpaper showroom and ask for the Stacy Garcia book from York. Recently, our store had a showing of York wallpapers. This is not your mother’s or your grandmother’s wallpaper. The Ronald Redding collections are worth a look as well. Some feature Swarovski crystals. YUMMY!!! The photo below is from Stacy Garcia’s website. I love the color combinations!!!


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What Inspires Me!!!

My husband and I own a trade showroom for interior designers. I am surrounded by design and color from all over the world. I hope to share with you what inspires me on a daily basis. HAVE FUN!!!

Yesterday, I received a trade periodical featuring wallpaper. Wallpaper has been out of style for quite awhile…IT IS BACK…but it isn’t your mother’s wallpaper!!! The look is clean and simple.

I love this site. Let me know what you think? http://www.crinson.com/1about/about.htm

Here is a sample of one of the papers…COOL!!! Wouldn’t it make a great zentangle?

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