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1697_searchSolange Azagury-Partridge has a rather eclectic mix of inspirations…Berbers, Rubies, the Moon, Gargoyles etc….but first on the list “LIONS”.  “I feel a huge love and affinity with Lions. My star sign is leo, my hair is big and frizzy like a lion’s mane, I’m a carnivore, I’m from Africa, I’m sociable and lazy”

Like the inspirations, her work encompasses a wide variety of styles and several categories. Rings, in the jewelry category, move from refined to playful and then into edgy. I was attracted to the stairway in her London showroom. Each step is carpeted in a different pattern, creating a riot of color. HMMM!!! I wonder if I can talk my husband into that for the stairway to his loft office!!!

solange azaguryA recent article in the Wall Street Journal featured Solange and highlights of her work over the past 28 years. The 1999 ‘Nature Ring’ for a mere $24,500 caught my eye…but the 1996 ‘Hotlips’ ring is still a best seller…$9,600.



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taffin2There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal this week about James Taffin de Givenchy and his 753 year old family history book. While his uncle founded the fashion house, Givenchy, in 1952, James moved in a different direction…jewelry. The family history dates from the 1300’s and continues with updates from family members throughout the world.

What happened to this month? The last three weeks have been a swirl of family, art show prep and then a week of fabulous weather that constantly lured us outside. Spring on a barrier island is amazing…two bobcat sightings in the last week, the alligators are roaring, and we should see new fawns any day now.

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mark grotjahnThe featured photo of Mark Grotjahn’s Untitled (Circus No.1 Face 44.19) appeared in the Arts in Review section of the Wall Street Journal this week. Additional work by the artist may be found here. I am not certain why I was captivated by this painting, but my head has been spinning with ideas ever since.

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This weekend the Wall Street Journal featured Cuffs…and you know how much I LOVE cuffs. Click on the photo in the article for an interactive tour of each design.

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After spending the day with power outages and intermittent phone/internet connections I am now in touch with the world again. Thank for your understanding and patience.

I promised you an awesome post and what could be more awesome than Picasso inspired designs. All of these designs were featured in the Style and Fashion section of the June 2nd Wall Street Journal.

We will start with Oscar de la Renta enamel guitar earrings.

Our next stop is a Jil Sander sweater with a great face knitted into the front…a face cane perhaps???

Our last stop is a lime green and gray runner entitled “Graphic Lady”.

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It was a great weekend for blog material…Saturday Wall Street Journal, the WSJ magazine and American Style. Decisions-Decisions…where to start???

The first page of the Off Duty section of Saturday’s Wall Street Journal discusses signature prints replacing logos for designers. Two things of note in the article: 1) The emergence of patterns printed by ink jet versus silk screening. 2) It is no longer mix and match…it is just mix, mix, mix.

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The headline reads…designers love taking risks. The photo is…an enlargement of the FABULOUS necklace in the featured photo. The necklace reminded me of the dominant textures at the last two furniture markets…swirls of stylized flowers. This link will take you to a Wall Street Journal article and a collection of fashions from Giambattista Valli. Scroll through the photos for a variety of floral texture and placement.

Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers during this last week. Bill is home and gaining strength. He still has a long road to a full recovery and another surgery sometime this summer. With luck…he will be on the golf course later this year.

Sorry for the OOOPS!!!! post Saturday. My finger hit the wrong key while I was writing. Lesson learned…schedule the post before you begin typing. My goal is to resume the Monday through Friday schedule…but there may be a few misses here and there…

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