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kelly neddermanKelly Nedderman’s training as a textile designer is apparent in her work. “Every time I sit down at my bench, I strive to combine my passion for metal with my passion for pattern, repetition and textures. Many of my jewelry pieces contain my own hand made paper that I have screen-printed and manipulated. They are then set under vintage eyeglass, microscope or camera lenses, which serve to protect, enhance, distort and magnify them. In this instance, the surface is contained and protected. Additional pieces have focused on bringing the surfaces to the outside, thereby creating a unique tactile experience for the wearer. The contrast between surfaces is what I find most appealing.

Kelly’s website is a work in process, but you will find more of her work here and here.

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robertstewartRobert Stewart’s Sun Man…makes me smile on this hot-hot-hot day. I am in South Carolina this week…97 degrees with 80% humidity. WHEW!!!

I found several more designs by Robert Stewart at Classic Textiles.

“Robert Stewart was one of the design pioneers of the twentieth century.  Stewart was most prolific during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, training at The Glasgow School of Art during the 1940s, at a time when the School’s policy aimed to strengthen design in order to meet the post-war needs of society and industry. After graduating, he became one of the most significant figures in this field and one of the pre-eminent textile designers in Britain during the 1950s, along with contemporaries such as Lucienne Day. As the two most important textile designers in the UK at the time, Day and Stewart knew of one another’s work- a gentleman’s agreement between Liberty and Heal’s decreed that he would design only for Liberty and she for Heals.” (The Glasgow School of Art)

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judyrossfrontThe Judy Ross Home Textile Collection pairs century old hand embroidery techniques with modern design. Judy Ross works with artisans in India to create meticulously handcrafted items. I downloaded  and printed the spring  2009 PDF catalog. 15 pages of great design elements in striking color combinations.

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