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taffin2There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal this week about James Taffin de Givenchy and his 753 year old family history book. While his uncle founded the fashion house, Givenchy, in 1952, James moved in a different direction…jewelry. The family history dates from the 1300’s and continues with updates from family members throughout the world.

What happened to this month? The last three weeks have been a swirl of family, art show prep and then a week of fabulous weather that constantly lured us outside. Spring on a barrier island is amazing…two bobcat sightings in the last week, the alligators are roaring, and we should see new fawns any day now.

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I found this bracelet purely by accident last week…timely don’t you think?James de Givenchy intended to give his daughter, Stella, a 1940s candy-striped bracelet that he bought online. When the piece arrived, de Givenchy, a jeweler, was so taken with the quality of the plastic that he took it into in his workshop for further study, leaving it next to a pile of faceted lapis. The commingling was purely serendipitous. “I thought it would be so much fun,” de Givenchy said of the costume bauble-turned-fine jewelry. A very American transformation, don’t you think? $10,000.”

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