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Bugs…maybe!!! Snakes…NO!!! When I saw this Stephen Dweck necklace in Elle , I thought it was tree branches…that I liked. When I downloaded the photo I discovered it was…YIKES…snakes. I can wear bug jewelry but I draw the line at snakes.

BTW…as I was writing this post a spider crawled across my magazine.

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After multiple dead ends in a search for a Robert Cavalli clutch photo I stumbled across New Arrivals on the Neiman Marcus site. The jewelry page was a great detour. Stephen Dweck’s amber and jasper necklace was my first stop. Click on the view all to see the whole neighborhood. (Sorry the photo is so small. The zoom on the Nieman Marcus site will allow you to see each piece ‘Up Close & Personal’.)

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I’m not sure why I was drawn to this photo in Elle. The necklaces from Stephen Dweck are intriguing.

The cuff bracelet from Anndra Neen has an interesting netting pattern.

The Fendi dress is light and wispy…a forecast of warmer days.  But my interest was drawn to the simple pattern of S curves in the fabric. What a great cane that would make…black on white then white on black. 

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