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altuzarraNothing is more classic than the spiral in jewelry design. Altuzarra includes several reverse cuff necklaces with spiral accents in his Spring 2014 collection. I think we can place this in the ‘we can do this category’.

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The design of this beautiful ring by Coomi tweaked my interest in spirals. What follows are several quotes from an interesting article about the origin and history of the spiral.

“Today, the spiral still runs deep within our culture. It forms the logos of a large number of companies, and has come to symbolise magic, dreams, desires and, most importantly, eternity.”

“Plants and the horns and shells of animals grow in spiral formations and some animals, especially aquatic species, possess a twisting locomotion.”

“As a representative of the eternal forces of nature, or simply as an attractive and interesting pattern, spirals shall always remain within the cultures of man.”

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