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Fridays are always a good day for whimsy…we have survived the week and it is time to kick back and relax. The featured sofa from Sicis is the perfect item to bring a smile to your face. Sicis was featured in a post last year…‘Not Your Everyday Gecko’ and is world renown for beautiful mosaics and an new category…furniture…very interesting furniture.

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SICIS, a brand that has made mosaic its distinctive characteristic by using it in its art and design creations, has now taken up a new challenge by creating SICIS Jewellery, its first jewelry line. In this original and amazing collection mosaic becomes a minute jewel with meticulous details and surprising effects of light and color.”

The paragraph above describes Sicis better than I can. Please follow the link to amazing color combinations, geometric design elements, and beautiful mosaic art in all shapes and sizes. More jewelry photos may be found at…ladiesgadgets.com.

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