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1697_searchSolange Azagury-Partridge has a rather eclectic mix of inspirations…Berbers, Rubies, the Moon, Gargoyles etc….but first on the list “LIONS”.  “I feel a huge love and affinity with Lions. My star sign is leo, my hair is big and frizzy like a lion’s mane, I’m a carnivore, I’m from Africa, I’m sociable and lazy”

Like the inspirations, her work encompasses a wide variety of styles and several categories. Rings, in the jewelry category, move from refined to playful and then into edgy. I was attracted to the stairway in her London showroom. Each step is carpeted in a different pattern, creating a riot of color. HMMM!!! I wonder if I can talk my husband into that for the stairway to his loft office!!!

solange azaguryA recent article in the Wall Street Journal featured Solange and highlights of her work over the past 28 years. The 1999 ‘Nature Ring’ for a mere $24,500 caught my eye…but the 1996 ‘Hotlips’ ring is still a best seller…$9,600.



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One of my favorite go-to resources for design elements and color inspiration are rug web sites. I recently discovered Carinilang. In the collection category check out the animal prints. There are some surprising color combinations. In the contemporary category I love the rugs that are satellite views of deltas and NYC.

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I was so excited when I found this photo. Many of the resources that I would like to feature either do not have a web site or the photo is bad. When I found this carpet from Fort Street Studio I held my breath as the site loaded. Would there be a photo? Could I down load it? Is this another dead end?

EUREKA!!!! The photo was perfect.

Fort Street Studio makes carpets based on watercolors…painterly abstractions without the repeating patterns of most rugs or the usual hard-edged lines.

I wanted to feature this carpet because gray is one of the ‘hot’ trend colors in fashion and interiors. I had to chuckle when one of the fashion sites paired it with a beautiful red…perfect for my home town…Columbus, Ohio…and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

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Your muse will go into overdrive when you scroll through the bangles on the Henri Bendel site. The featured bangles are the Henri Bendel Landmark bangle and a Swarovski and Leather bangle. Love the interior of this bangle.

Safe travels to everyone on the road and in the sky this week.

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brintonsReverb from Brintons is a collection of cutting edge carpet design for commercial application. There are four “chapters”: Organic, Micro, Urban and Flight. The featured item is from Organic. Follow this link for the inspiration page. You will find pdf files of various color combinations, Japanese stencils and brochures. Brintons is truly the fusion of art & carpet.

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RugStar_Classic.pdfLast weekend, while visiting my sister in New Mexico, I spilled a glass of red wine on the carpet. (What a waste of good red wine). Luckily, the berber carpet appeared to release the wine and after cleaning.

If there is a klutz in the house, like me, this rug from Rug Star is perfect. Follow the Enter the Rug Star link. This will bring a pop-up for the site. Clicking on the Rug Addict Collection link will bring you to a visual feast of color and design.

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newmoonDoesn’t this rug make you think of tropical breezes, drinks with little umbrellas & white sandy beaches? The rug is from New Moon by John Kurtz. It is called Trinidad and  can be found on the last page of the Mirage Collection.

We will stay on the floor for a few days. I recently received a trade periodical for the rug industry…terrific design elements & colors.

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