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bananarepublicMy mind went into overdrive when I saw this bracelet from Banana Republic. I think we can do this!!! I’m not sure how…but I’m working on it.

In my search for another bracelet from Banana Republic I stumbled across an interesting site…The Find. Great site for inspiration!!!

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SOBRALBRACELET2B(1)Another ‘dotty’ design is from Brazilian artist Carols Sobral. “On his travels during the 70s Carols Sobral found that colorful polyester resin (a bi-product of petrol) was used by Argentine artisans for their costume jewelry.” Sound familiar?
Sobral does not have a web site but I did find Bekaboris. This site sells vintage jewelry with several pages of Sobral items. I spent most of my time in the ‘bracelet’ aisle. You will find plenty of inspiration on these pages.

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