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winner - Penelope Bracelet - Kathleen Novak Tucci
Kathleen Nowak Tucci’s first experiments with recycled bicycle & motorcycle tires did not have the results that she envisioned.
“Always curious and compulsively creative she returned to the pile of scraps and began to play with them.”  Her perseverance was rewarded with a 2012 Niche Award for the featured Penelope Bracelet.

I found a ‘smidge’ of time to add a post for this week. Thank you to everyone who let me know how much they enjoy the daily posts and the best wishes for a ‘smooth move’. When the dust settles on all of this I will share the adventures and mis-adventures of the past few months.

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The color palette of Jody Tonder’s work varies from the rainbow of dichroic glass to Heineken green. “In a stained glass class in 1983, I realized the possibilities of combining my passions to create handcrafted recycled glass jewelry. Stained glass artists supply me with a wide array of colored glass remnants and recycling centers are my source for bottles and jars. I’m always on the lookout for anything made of glass that I can saw, cut or break into raw materials for my jewelry. This reclaimed glass is cut into the desired shapes and either fired in a kiln or processed in a rock tumbler.”

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You are going to love this site….Pyper Hugos’, You Got Mojo, features jewelry “made using reclaimed metals. Much of what I use is salvaged from old cars but I also like to incorporate the use of old signs, licenses plates, steel drums, and even metal from an old airplane! When out in the junk yard collecting metal used to create my jewelry, I’m on the hunt for anything with great color on it. I do not paint any of the metal used to create my work; all the original colors of paint are left intact and unaltered. I am intrigued by time and mother nature’s mark, evident in the raw beauty left behind. I work with each scratch and fading layer of paint to highlight the unique and untold story found within each piece of jewelry. I enjoy incorporating found objects within my designs for added interest and texture. All components are sterling silver and are hand forged. All recycled steel is individually hand cut and formed.”

Take some time to scroll through photos for the ‘provenance’ of the materials…WHAT FUN!!!  (The featured item is a ring from a 60’s rambler.)

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I mixed up my Kentucky Craft Shows!!! Kentucky Crafted has been selected by the readers of American Style as the #1 craft show in the country for three years in a row. The St. James Court Art Show follows closely behind at #5. The good news is…more fabulous artists to feature on Ornamental Elements.

Jennifer Stephenson McLamb combines the use of renewable materials with a background in energy healing. Her Eco Jewel Collection ” bring into focus sustainable materials, earth-friendly processes, and appeal to customers with a conscience and a sense of style. Jennifer hopes this new line will inspire a new way of looking at our “disposable” lifestyles and encourage the three R’s (recycle, reduce, reuse). The combined power of each choice we make and action we take makes a difference in our health and the health of our planet.”

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Harriet Estel Berman uses post consumer materials to construct jewelry, teacups, even entire lawns. Her Identity Bead series “symbolizes our personal search for identity in our material culture. Bar codes and brand name material from post-consumer tin cans recycle our unconscious consumption of advertising, marketing, and possession as identification. In a society so transitory and hyper-marketed one may wonder who we really are, for how much of our own identity is derived from what we consume and why we consume it?”

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Tatiana Pages ” has selected the natural and the unnatural, the enduring and the ephemeral, as the elements of her works of body decorative art.” Visit the Origomu site to see more examples of ‘six pack art’. Visit her laio site to see Titiana’s work with more traditional materials.

A movement that transforms the simple act of recycling plastic materials into a form of creative expression, where people are encouraged to transform plastic six-pack rings into unique pieces of wearable art. Artwear that inspires both creative thought and a greater sense of stewardship toward our planet.

“Every year, thousands of plastic six-pack rings threaten the lives of shore birds and marine animals harming our environment. Today, you can make a difference – no matter how far you are from the nearest shore. Join the movement and learn how to transform waste into beautiful artwear.”

Tatiana Pagés, Activist Designer

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With the costs of raw materials for jewelry skyrocketing, we have all begun to look for alternative materials for our work.  Inari Kiuru describes herself  as “a migrant, graphic designer, an occasional photographer and a new jeweller, living in Melbourne, Australia. This blog is my attempt to remember: to document, preserve and reflect on the ordinary and the breathtaking in each day.”

Her jewelry appears to incorporate enamels with recycled industrial elements…recycle-repurpose-reuse.

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