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If you live in Columbus, Ohio or Omaha, Nebraska red is always in style. For the rest of the country it has been 30 years since we have seen red as a trend setting color. In the last few weeks designers have been asking for ‘pure’ red. They want that pop of color that adds energy to a design. The Wall Street Journal calls red The Color of Confidence. Valentino has been using red as his signature color for years. It was easy to find a beautiful design from one of his collections to show the perfect red. (If you would like to see a documentary with amazing ‘eye candy’ look for Valentino: The Last Emperor)

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redcactusRed is hot…and so is the South Carolina Beach…100+ the last two days!!! Luckily, I am an early riser and Rogan, our lab, and I walk the beach at sunrise.

Back to red. Last fall, the predominate color at the High Point Furniture Market was a deep red. I always forget whether fashion or home decor determines the color trends. I’m still not sure,¬† but I am certainly seeing a great deal of red in both areas.

The feature photo is a tunic from Tory Burch. The simplicity of the style allows the color and and the central element to pop off the page of the July Town and Country.

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duralee-redAt the fall furniture market the hot color was RED!!! The red was such a intense color it seemed to glow. At the Academy awards last night, the most prominent color was RED!!! The featured fabric is from Duralee. Due to the issues with photography and color changes on the computer screen it was hard to find a fabric that ‘glowed’…but a good rule of thumb is to follow¬† interior design trends for your designs.

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