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Susan Lenart Kazmer describes her distinctive style as transforming the ordinary. “Combining these energies in recycled objects is indeed creating a contemporary talisman. Consider the mental power put into a pencil stub worn down by an accountant during tax season, or the mundane repetition locked into a key from an old factory locker, or the freedom embedded in the bones of a free-range chicken. I believe these energies lend power and mystery to ordinary objects. In my work I use them to create talismans worn for protection, freedom, and strength.”

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Tatiana Pages ” has selected the natural and the unnatural, the enduring and the ephemeral, as the elements of her works of body decorative art.” Visit the Origomu site to see more examples of ‘six pack art’. Visit her laio site to see Titiana’s work with more traditional materials.

A movement that transforms the simple act of recycling plastic materials into a form of creative expression, where people are encouraged to transform plastic six-pack rings into unique pieces of wearable art. Artwear that inspires both creative thought and a greater sense of stewardship toward our planet.

“Every year, thousands of plastic six-pack rings threaten the lives of shore birds and marine animals harming our environment. Today, you can make a difference – no matter how far you are from the nearest shore. Join the movement and learn how to transform waste into beautiful artwear.”

Tatiana Pag├ęs, Activist Designer

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