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AquaCannon_webPattiy Torno is a multifaceted artist. ‘I began sewing in 1965. In my family, learning to sew was no surprise. In 1974, my last year in high school, I decided to become a fashion designer, as it was the only career I could think of, that would allow me to earn a living having something to do with what I love the most… sewing. I started quilting in 1983 right after I closed my first design company in NYC. I moved to Asheville in 1984 and opened Tornado Clothing Company. In 1989, I bought what is now Curve Studios. By 1995 I had closed Tornado and started quilting full time. After 10 years away, in 2002 i returned to Asheville to help found the River Arts District and realize my vision for CURVE studios & garden.’

Pattiy is now working on a body of work she calls ‘photopiercings‘. ‘In the spirit of her quilts but turned towards her photography, the new piecings are digital archival photographs, cut up and re-assembled, pva glued to a plywood box substrate that has been colored with inks and then the whole shebang gets a lacquer finish.’ AquaCannon_web

I am a lucky mother who’s daughter chose to live in Asheville 15 years ago. It is a wonderful place to visit and with some luck…we may live there on a part-time basis in the future. (I doubt that my son-in-law bargained for that)

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