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chanel-redThis ‘sweet’ little ring from Chanel is definitely out of my price range. (When it states ‘price upon request’…that is a given.) But…this design can be translated into polymer, metal…and a myriad of other materials. I would love to see what you can do with the design. Send them to me for a future posting.

Again…thank you to Netpage for making this post sooooooooo easy!!!

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fringe-4The new Marie Claire issue arrived yesterday and I noticed links to a new app…Netpage!!! AMAZING┬áThis is a bloggers dream app. Find an image in Marie Claire…open Netpage…clip…and send it wherever. I quickly clipped 5 pages and sent them to my email address…and VOILA…INSTANT POST PHOTO. Well…not quite instant. I tweaked some of the photos and converted them from pdf to jpg…but certainly much faster than a trail of dead ends in search of a photo to share. BTW…fringe is very in…more on that later.

ebroidered jacket

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