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Monique Rancourt asks a very provocative question on her website…”My passion for creating body adornment has left me with the question: Why do we adorn our bodies? Speaking for myself, I adorn my body with jewelry because it makes me feel beautiful. Jewelry helps me to visually stand out from others by enhancing my confidence and giving me a sense of security enabling me to express my inner thoughts and ideas. But there is another question: Why do I feel as though I NEED to decorate my body? Isn’t my natural beauty good enough? Do I choose to decorate myself so that others will recognize me as an individual? I think about the pressure I put on myself, as well as the expectations put on me by others, that cause a need to wear a second skin, to stand out, to be someone extraordinary. Although beautiful, body adornment can be a burden.”

HMMMMMMMM…Why do you wear jewelry???

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