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michael bauermeister

Michael Bauermeister, a master woodworker says “Wood has become my voice and my language. Over years spent making things both useful and useless out of wood the physical work of sawing, carving, turning, and polishing has become my contemplation. The real effort is in figuring out what to make next. Sometimes the wood itself makes a suggestion. Sometimes I work just to keep my hands occupied. And sometimes it all comes together into a kind of wooden poem.”

I am fascinated by the surface of this linden and tinted lacquer piece by Michael. I may try something similar by tranlating the web like quality of the surface into black and white and then etching copper into positive and negative spaces. I had planned on packing my etching supplies until after the move, but I am giving a presentation on etching metal with electricity next month and need some prep time. This would be a wonderful example of the myriad of opportunities that etching offers.

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