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 Matthew Campbell Laurenza’s jewelry makes a bold statement. “When it comes to inspiration, Matthew is quick to cite a number of different things that keep his mind racing. One key influence is his family’s eclectic collection of antiques and artwork. “Each member of my family collects art, so I have always been exposed to a variety of pieces from different cultures and time periods. The diverse exposure to art and antiques range from paintings of the Renaissance era to furniture from the American Arts and Crafts movement,” says Matthew.” His collection of rings reminds me of Klew’s drum beads with a smash of Swarovski.

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The Croco Luxe Collection from Matthew Campbell Laurenza is crafted in sterling silver and hand-set with sapphires. “Walk on the wild side with M.C.L’s new Croco Luxe Collection. Pave sapphires with animal print design, these adventurious and luxurious pieces will definitely leave an impression. “

When I saw the ad for these pieces my eye was immediately drawn to the fuchsia bracelet with the rainbow of stones…striking!!! For some serious eye candy check out the rest of the M.C.L. Spring & Summer Collection.

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