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Lori Gottlieb’s work focuses on simple shapes utilizing contrasting materials. “Lori Gottlieb’s organic jewelry pairs great attention to detail with the a total embrace of imperfection.”  I think of most pieces as “sketches”. My goal is not to execute a perfectly straight line or capture a flower exactly as it blooms, but rather to be representational. Everything I do has some kind of movement and generally, some curves, which I find very sensual. When other people describe my work, they use terms such as “lyrical”,”fluid”,”energetic”and”versatile”.

Trained as a surgeon, jewelry was a hobby until double vision forced her to quit surgery and look for other meaningful work. “I decided to turn my jewelry-making hobby into a new profession.  Here I could use skills I had honed as a surgeon, such as problem-solving and working with my hands.  I could also be my own boss, working in the studio when my eyes functioned well enough, and planning new projects or handling other tasks when they did not.  Early in the day, and late afternoons and evenings are most challenging for me due to the slow clearing of the ointment I use in my eyes at night  in the the morning, and dryness in the afternoon and evening. I have learned to design around my disability: I avoid straight lines, creating pieces that move in tandem with the body.”

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