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Today’s post hopes to take our minds off the stress that accompanies the season and focus on the joys of the season. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there is something beautiful and magical about the holiday decorations at night. The photo above highlights Asheville’s Biltmore Estate at dusk. The deep indigo of the mountains frames both the evening sunset and the softly lit castle.
Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO

The next photo is from the Country Club Plaza in my home town, Kansas City, MO. Inspired by the architecture of Seville, Spain, the Plaza was built in 1922 and is one of the earliest suburban shopping areas in the United States. Over 80 miles of lights decorate each tower, rooftop & window from Thanksgiving evening to mid-January. It is hard to describe the warmth of the lights and the festive nature of the shoppers as you walk down the streets during the Christmas Season.

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This is a photo of my home town…Kansas City. The Plaza Lights are lit on Thanksgiving night and burn throughout the holiday season. I didn’t make it back to KC this year to see the lights. OH WELL!!! Two years ago we flew home to see the lights…the weekend of an ice storm. We slid our way from the hotel to the Plaza…a white knuckle drive. The Plaza was practically deserted but everyone who braved the ice was in a celebratory mood. It was magical.

To all of my readers throughout the world, thank you for a wonderful year. I’ve had a ball. Next to my computer there are stacks of inspiration just waiting to share with you. We are going to have a great 2010.

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Where was this wallpaper when my children were growing up…this is fabulous! I’ve mentioned the resurgence of wallpaper in previous posts. The ‘fussines’ is gone, the scale is large, and the coloration is definitely on the edge. The featured wallpaper is from Porter Teleo. The photo is a great example of the new trend in wallpaper…large bold scale and not a ‘cute’ flower in site.

BTW: This is a photo of Kelly Wearstler and her sons in their home. Kelly’s designs were featured earlier this week.

BTW#2: Porter & Teleo is another Kansas City connection.

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suryaKansas City is my hometown. While Kansas City is far from a ‘cow town’ today, it still has trouble shaking that moniker. Unfortunately, I too thought of Kansas City when I read the name of this rug collection from SuryaCow Parade. Surya is a great site for design inspiration and color studies.


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