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Trying to describe a kaleidoscope is like trying to hug a rainbow…impossible.  “As jewlers Doborah and Kevin share a fascination, perhaps obsession, with the sparkling colors and facets of gems. When they began making jewlery scopes their 25 years experience in design found a new focus. “The swirling colors and patterns of Kaleidoscopes have enabled us to add a new dimension to how our jewlery may be enjoyed. As artists, we feel fortunate to participate in the revelatory and peaceful world of Kaleidoscopes.”

Yes…this tine kaleidoscope necklace from Healy Designs works. 

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If yesterday’s post had Melaine West’s name written all over it…then today’s post belongs to Carol Simmons. The Brewster Kaleidoscope Society is an international organization of kaleidoscope enthusiasts. “Named after the inventor of the kaleidoscope, Sir David Brewster, its purpose is to share and promote the beauty, creativity, and joy of these mirrored tubes of magic.”

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