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judith hoytAlthough trained in printmaking, Judth Hoyt has moved to metal, opaque and encaustic paints to express her vision of the human form.”Beginning with a salvaged scrap of metal, wood, a book, or other material with a history, she fashions solitary or paired figures, often with a surprised or pensive mien.┬áJudith Hoyt is a metallist to the extent that fabricated metal forms provide a ghostly surface on which opaque paint is sparingly applied. The scale is intimate, even in the large wall pieces. Tightly clustered on the studio wall their dialogue buzzes with the silent hum of human voices. To share space with them is to hear their cacophony of silence.”

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Judith Hoyt rescues metal from alongside the road and pages from discarded books, and uses the ‘old’ materials to create new work. These materials have been altered by the random process of history and this history is passed on a new form.

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