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My jaw dropped when I saw the photo of Sara Jessica Parker on the cover of the latest Elle…LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE!!! I have no idea what is inside the cover…I cannot move beyond the necklace. You will find more vintage inspiration at the House of Lavande...“The House of Lavande vintage jewelry boutique is a preferred destination for fans of collectible 20th Century costume jewelry. Find designer pieces from Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, & Chanel as well as significant items from popular brands like Trifari, Napier & Monet. Unsigned Art Deco and celluloid jewelry from the 1920s -’30s are also in this collection.”

There may be a break in posts for the next three days. We have a HUGE event in our showroom tomorrow…in addition…we are watching our grandsons for the next week…YIKES. I hope to eek out time…????

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We are continuing to explore black or black and white with a ‘slash’ of color…today orange. The orange of this silk blouse from Yves Saint Laurent is so bright it pops off the page. (BTW…it is one of the feature designs on the home page…the back has a surprise.) Be sure to check out the vintage necklace from House of Lavande..this one is going into my inspiration book. (The jewelry link is also full of inspiration.)

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