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Julia-Turner-Blue-Field-RingOver the course of a 20 year career as a metalsmith, Julia Turner became frustrated with the sheer weight of metal and moved to other materials, seeking more warmth, color and volume.  “Among the dozens of objects arranged on an 8-foot table in her sun-washed jewelry studio are bowls of beads, chunks of wood – some natural, some stained colors ranging from canary yellow to cerulean blue – a roll of safety-orange duct tape, postcards, a shard of shiny black record vinyl, several books, and a carefully trimmed and shaped lump of charcoal salvaged from a backyard barbecue. Vignettes, color stories, and contrasting geometries play out across the 32 square feet, which, viewed from above is like the love child of Wassily Kandinsky and Josef Albers.”

You can read more about Julia’s work in the February/March issue of American Craft.

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julia-turnerJulia Turner takes the materials in her jewelry to the breaking point. “My method when making jewelry usually involves pushing a particular material, process or idea to some kind of breaking point. As I experiment more and more with a specific approach and become more discerning about
what I see emerging,  I begin to see the unnecessary elements fall away, leaving room for a more
straightforward kind of interaction to take place.”

I am including a photo of Julia’s new studio in a former commercial linen laundry in San Franciso’s Mission District. What an inspirational place to work…love the lighting…and soooooooooooooo many ‘toys’!

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