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gustavo delgadoGustavo Delgado considers making jewelry a ‘transformation game’. “My work in Jewellery attempts to explore the abstraction of shapes with the purpose of liberating them form their commonness. Behind the veil of everydayness, many natural or artificial shapes surround us, sometimes with real movement and in other occasions feigned, and when we recover the forgotten surprise of observing them, it is then that the temptation to create becomes irresistible and inevitable. It is this astonishment for shapes, its symmetries and disorders that starts up my creative process.

And at the workshop, the transformation game, everything changes and moves around us, but it can cause changes and even accelerating them represents another temptation, to which I succumb, and succumb again…”

Sorry for the delay in posting. Bill and I have been ‘retired’ for a total of three weeks and he has been fighting pneumonia for two of those…with ten days in the hospital. Things appear to be going in the right direction now and we are closer to recycling our lives…again…

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