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frey willeIn Frey Wille’s homage series, the focus is now on Expressionist painter Egon Scheile. “The themes of expressionism were diverse, experimental and radical. Artists expressed their deepest emotions through strong colour and design. They did not want to paint pretty pictures, or even realistic ones—they used ugliness, distortion and disassociation to express their own feelings, and elicit strong emotional reaction.” 

The Frey Wille site has a fascinating series of photos that focus on the design process. The elements and colors may provide inspiration for your next project. 

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frey willeAs many of you know, I find a great deal of inspiration from the color palette of Frey Wille and the simple combinations of those colors in his enameled jewelry. Now that the art show has been put to bed, I’m looking for a new direction…and this bangle bracelet from Frey Wille is pointing the way. While his web site is ‘pretty’…head over to Pinterest for a visual feast.

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As you may have surmised, I am ‘wild’ about Frey Wille enameled jewelry…love the simplicity and combination of pattern. “The new Spirit of Africa range features designs and motifs reminiscent of tribal prints and ancient art. The 18-piece collection, plated in 24-carat gold, is inspired by Mount Kilimanjaro and the vibrant natural patterns found on leopards, cheetahs, zebras and other wildlife in the region.”

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I was flipping through the pages of the February Elle magazine…flipping-flipping-flipping…then page 65 and WOW!!! The designs from jeweler Frey Wille literally jumped off the page. (The home page photo is the photo in Elle.) There is enough inspiration on this web site to keep us busy all year. When I mentioned Frey Wille in an earlier post on Tips n’ Trends I had no idea what a fabulous resource this could be.

Banner photo by Emilio Pucci.

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