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VeracollageIn 2014, when the name Vera is mentioned, typically, we think of Vera Bradley’s colorful textiles & accessories. Well….once upon a time, there was another Vera…Vera Neumann, whose colorful prints with her bold signature were a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

“Vera Neumann was an unlikely revolutionary–her tiny five-foot-tall frame typically dressed in mod tunics and a bold scarf, armed with a quick but shy demeanor. But Vera­–the innovator of cross-licensing and one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of her time–had a radical philosophy: fine art should be accessible to everyone, not just a select few. She believed that artwork should not be relegated to walls. Rather, people should surround themselves with art–wear it, dine off it, and dream under it. And why not? Great art endures. It lifts your spirit and makes you feel better. Vera’s art certainly does. It’s bright, happy, and inspirational.”

Follow this link for more inspiration from the original Vera.

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The Chanel Rainbow collection pops from the pages of all of the Spring fashion magazines. The Daily Beast called it a “painterly print featuring every possible colour on the colour wheel. The final dresses, which were fashioned in this print, were a particular standout and were pieced together using fabric strips, lace, ruffles, and pleating.”

Do you think Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by the Stroppel Cane, when he designed the center top and pants?

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instyle2Have you had enough winter to last a life time? Then let’s think spring…colors that is. InStyle magazine has a monthly feature that highlights a color and then additional colors that it works well with and now, that feature is available as an app. I can already feel the sunshine when I focus on the bright colors of mandarin, poppy and marigold.

Love the pairings of lime and fuchsia with poppy.

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renee bevanNew Zealand Artist, Renee Bevan’s, recent work explores the cliche of flowers and the long standing history of flowers in jewelry adornment. “Much of my work revolves around my fascination with the manufactured sentimentality and vast symbolism of flowers, mainly being the rose and carnation, as well as traditional jewellery. Both have a continuing longstanding history with commemorating love, life and death; creating endless paths for the exploration of ideas.”

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amaltheeAmalthee is the collaboration of a creative visual artist and a contemporary jewelry artist. Living in the south of France they work from home but describe their small universe as wide open to the world. Being drawn to ethnic jewelry and the soft drape of gauzy fabrics, I spent a great deal of time at Amalthee de-stressing before the turkey hit the oven.

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DSCN2370One of the beautiful fabrics that we saw at the fall furniture market was this printed velvet at Sherrill Furniture, reminiscent of William Morris and the Art Nouveau style. There are several color combinations included in this fabric that are now on my TO DO list.

The predominant color was still orange, the 2012 color of the year, but this time toned into bittersweet.


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julie eakesThe fashion and interior design world is ‘daft for delft’. The showroom staff was commenting on how many samples have been going out the door in this ornate blue and white combination. Those of you lucky enough to attend Clay Carnival in Las Vegas this week will be right on trend with Julie Eakes’ class.


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dolceegabbana_392x0The cover of Vogue Gioiello jumped out in a sea of predictable magazine covers. It was a wow moment…page after page of beautifully crafted jewelry and months of inspiration…all for…gulp $17.95. I debated for about…two seconds…and then ‘you’ll be sorry if you don’t buy me’ won out.  I felt better this morning, when I found the same issue on Ebay for $26.95.

While the first featured item is not jewelry, it tells the story of a trendByzantine.  The complete magazine is online so…set aside some time for browsing all of the ‘trends’…you will be captivated.

vogue iconic style

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In a Back to The Future design trend,chanel it is time for checks and plaids…again. The featured items go from Quay Eye Wear’s Glomesh sunglasses at $40 to Chanel’s tweed bangle at $775. ‘Check’ out the May Elle magazine for more tartans and tweeds.

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lynn-banI haven’t worked out the engineering of this cuff from Lynn Ban in polymer, but I see polymer replacing the ‘rumpled’ metal with fabric as the insert. HMMMMM!!! Lynn Ban’s website is members only…try the Google images for more inspiration from this ‘edgy’ artist.

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