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emilio pucciAnyone who works in polymer appreciates the genius of Judith Skinner’s technique of blending colors seamlessly across the surface. According to the fashion world, the ‘watercolor gradient adds a painterly finish to the season’s coolest staples.’ The fashion magazines are filled with ombre designs from head to toes…hair to shoes. Two examples are the shimmering rainbow evening bag from Roger Vivier (a limited edition of 50 and at $4050…perfect for any holiday occasion) and the subtle shading of the long gown from the Emilio Pucci’s (a definite departure from his typical pop art prints.)

roger vivier

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valentinoI found myself at a loss for words to describe the fashion world of Valentino. Although he retired from the day to day operations of the Valentino brand, the jaw dropping designs continue to walk the runway. I will let the images of the chevron design that caught my eye in the latest Elle and the Spring/Summer 2015 runway show do the talking.  (Love the lucite Minaudiere…be sure to scroll down the home page to see the ‘camubutterfly’)



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gilgulim2Israel’s Hagar Arnon Elbaz has aptly named her Etsy shop Gilgulimor reincarnation. Her work includes as many recycled, reused or second had materials as possible.

“My love for textile, buttons, beads, lace and ribbons goes back very far to the time when I was a little girl visiting my grandma’s house. My grandma had a room full of cupboards of all sizes and colors in which she piled her treasures that had come all the way from Germany back in 1939. It included fur coats, stray keys, strings, mother of pearl and crystal buttons from her father’s shop, lace along with cotton night gowns and linen she had received for her wedding. This room was my paradise. When I grew up I followed my love and became a textile designer.”

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VeracollageIn 2014, when the name Vera is mentioned, typically, we think of Vera Bradley’s colorful textiles & accessories. Well….once upon a time, there was another Vera…Vera Neumann, whose colorful prints with her bold signature were a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

“Vera Neumann was an unlikely revolutionary–her tiny five-foot-tall frame typically dressed in mod tunics and a bold scarf, armed with a quick but shy demeanor. But Vera­–the innovator of cross-licensing and one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of her time–had a radical philosophy: fine art should be accessible to everyone, not just a select few. She believed that artwork should not be relegated to walls. Rather, people should surround themselves with art–wear it, dine off it, and dream under it. And why not? Great art endures. It lifts your spirit and makes you feel better. Vera’s art certainly does. It’s bright, happy, and inspirational.”

Follow this link for more inspiration from the original Vera.

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The Chanel Rainbow collection pops from the pages of all of the Spring fashion magazines. The Daily Beast called it a “painterly print featuring every possible colour on the colour wheel. The final dresses, which were fashioned in this print, were a particular standout and were pieced together using fabric strips, lace, ruffles, and pleating.”

Do you think Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by the Stroppel Cane, when he designed the center top and pants?

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instyle2Have you had enough winter to last a life time? Then let’s think spring…colors that is. InStyle magazine has a monthly feature that highlights a color and then additional colors that it works well with and now, that feature is available as an app. I can already feel the sunshine when I focus on the bright colors of mandarin, poppy and marigold.

Love the pairings of lime and fuchsia with poppy.

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renee bevanNew Zealand Artist, Renee Bevan’s, recent work explores the cliche of flowers and the long standing history of flowers in jewelry adornment. “Much of my work revolves around my fascination with the manufactured sentimentality and vast symbolism of flowers, mainly being the rose and carnation, as well as traditional jewellery. Both have a continuing longstanding history with commemorating love, life and death; creating endless paths for the exploration of ideas.”

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