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erica-rosenfeldErica Rosenfeld’s work tells stories about the fabric of pe0ple’s lives and the rituals created to bring comfort to our lives. “I use glass, found materials, beads and food to create sculpture and jewelry, which remain my primary mode of expression.   I began beading at the age of five, from which I realized a consistent impulse to create cohesive, sometimes incongruous, mosaics from smaller components.  In my twenties, I began working with glass, both blowing and kiln working. My instinct was, and remains, to sculpt and carve glass, creating form from seemingly shapeless substance.”

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Erica Rosenfeld began beading when she was five and moved to glass in her early 20’s.The jewelry and sculpture she makes stem from the ritualistic nature of her childhood art. She combines various glass and beading techniques to create labor intensive, kinetic jewelry and sculpture.”

My jaw dropped when I saw the featured bracelets…there was a second WOW moment when I entered the site.

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