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EmmanuelKasongoEmmanuel Kasongo is a Congolese jewelry artist who works with tiny glass seed beads to create jewelry with a ‘riot of color’. “Emmanuel Kasongo creates art jewelry, that is fabulous, vibrant, colorful and yet are totally wearable, statement pieces. Tubular beaded necklaces made from tiny glass beads in a myriad of unexpected colorations, filling fine Italian mesh tubes. His necklaces, bracelets and earings are a riot of color and color combinations, not simply filling a mesh tube in a single skein, but threaded, braided and knotted together in a riot of shapes with fanned and pointed ends. His African heritage clearly expressing itself through his art, honed and directed by his Parisian childhood, moving from his native Congo to Paris, where he began his career in fashion. Kasongo lived in both Paris and Milan, and worked for the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier, Marithe Francois Girbaud and Romeo Gigli, sourcing, planning and organizing fashion shows and events.”

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