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EmilioPucciAW2015_2In a recent Elle magazine, there were pages and pages of trends. The trend that caught my eye was entitled Board Games and the page was covered with models wearing checkerboard  patterned clothing. While, all were interesting the Emilio Pucci ‘Op Art’ boots and tunic dominated the page.

As an additional visual ‘feast’, I couldn’t resist adding another photo from the Pucci 2015/2016 Fall/Winter collection. Scroll down the page on the link above for more from this collection.


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emilio pucciAnyone who works in polymer appreciates the genius of Judith Skinner’s technique of blending colors seamlessly across the surface. According to the fashion world, the ‘watercolor gradient adds a painterly finish to the season’s coolest staples.’ The fashion magazines are filled with ombre designs from head to toes…hair to shoes. Two examples are the shimmering rainbow evening bag from Roger Vivier (a limited edition of 50 and at $4050…perfect for any holiday occasion) and the subtle shading of the long gown from the Emilio Pucci’s (a definite departure from his typical pop art prints.)

roger vivier

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Emilio_PucciRarely do we think of shoes when we describe the designs of Emilio Pucci…my mind conjures up swirls of brightly hued color. (Follow this link for a tour of ‘vintage’ Pucci designs) The dragon carved wedge sandals jumped off the page of the May Elle Magazine. Better save your pennies though…they can be yours for $4,695.

Happy Memorial Day to all who have served and are serving our country…that would include many family members including my father and father-in-law. We thank you for your sacrifice and your service.

In addition, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my baby sister on a milestone birthday. Don’t worry Anne…your secret is safe with me!!!

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I am saving my pennies, nickels, dimes & quarters. I will need all of them to purchase the new book on Emilio Pucci’s designs…$126 at Amazon. “Limited and numbered edition of 10.000 copies; each copy is bound with an original Pucci fabric, offering a choice of dozens of different covers.”

Pucci is know for bold colorful designs. His bio on Wikipedia is equally colorful.

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pucciRecently, a designer working in our showroom expressed dismay concerning a room she had just completed…it didn’t have pop. Although the customer was happy with the room the designer was not. Emilio Pucci’s designs have always had pop. It is amazing how timeless his work is. I look at the fabric patterns from the 60’s and they are still fresh and fun today.

LOVE BANGLES…then you will LOVE the featured bangle. Follow the link to more great Pucci inspirations.

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