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I have been working my way through the May Elle magazine. I was looking for a picture of a fabulous sequined dress by Ashish to share. (Black covered with flamingos and palm trees…trust me…it was fabulous!) Unfortunately, I did not find a great picture of the dress but I did find a link to Spring 2010 jewelry and this fabulous cuff from Fendi. In this case plan B wasn’t so bad!!!

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The name Judith Leiber has always been synonymous with purses that are covered in crystals and typically very imaginative in shape. The feature purses are no exception. They were included in a Trend Report from Elle entitled Juicy Fruit. I was originally drawn to the article by the bright summery colors. The majority of the country has spent the last week in the deep freeze and even though it is only January we are soooooooooo ready for summer.

Banner Photo by Timothy Liles

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The headline for Spring 2010 fashions in the January Elle is Wild Things. There were at least 30 photos on the two pages but the featured photo caught my attention. It reminds me of a butterfly. Alexander McQueen has several items in his spring collection with the mirror image designs. How about the ‘giraffe’ upsweep???

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