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Dean Harris “is a self-taught artist who has chosen the medium of metal to express himself. He has been fusing wire into organic shapes since 1999 when he discovered his hidden talent through a philosophical quest of inquiring why people adorn themselves. The answer to this question was simple: people inherently need to relate to an undiscerning world in a positive way. Dean believes that this can be accomplished through the self-expression of what we wear.”

Sorry for the brevity of today’s post…we are on the road after a short visit with my sister Eileen in her new home and a week at the beach.

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The fossilized ammonite in the pendant from Dean Harris is 65 million years old. The shape is what caught my eye and then the design elements on the surface. This is a good example of one ‘perfect’ component making a strong statement.

The Dean Harris web site is OK…but the Facebook page is even better.

Banner photo by Judith Leiber.

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