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Danielly Gori-Montanelli has lived a rather nomadic life from DC, to Tribeca, Soho, the Financial District, Brooklyn & Florence, Italy.  (I am partial to the last location.) “After having two children, and wanting to get away from the dangerous materials involved in metal work, she discovered and began working exclusively in felt. No more gas tanks, dirty goggles, dangerous chemicals or leaky sand blasters – now her tools are a pair of scissors, a needle, thread, and, most importantly, a thimble.”

Her work has a tongue-in-cheek attitude and the descriptions will bring a smile to your face. Of the featured necklace she saysJust throw this on when you make a quick run to the store to buy milk. Well, ok, maybe not. This is a big one. This is for when you really want to make a statement, when you want to be noticed, when you’re feeling bold and whimsical, or when you just want to have fun! It will bring smiles to everyone around you.

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