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If you have a bit of extra money to spend, rush over to Burberry for the hand painted Bloomsbury bag. If not, find a leather bag in the closet or thrift store, pull out your stash of acrylic paints, channel first grade art class and you will be saving anywhere from $3,000 to $37,000. OH…of course, there are the shoes…do not forget the shoes!!!¬†

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Over 150 years ago Thomas Burberry opened a small shop in Basingstroke, Hampshire, England. The trademark Burberry Check was added as the lining in a trench coat in the 1920’s…and the rest is history. I doubt¬† Thomas Burberry envisioned these acrylic bangles in 1856 but it highlights the company’s ability to move forward with the times. In 1901 the company adopted the Equestrian Knight trademark with the word ‘prorsum‘ on a flowing flag…Prosum is latin for moving forward.

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