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Typically, I do not feature polymer artists in Ornamental Elements, and leave my studio adventures/misadventures for What Are You Working on This Week. But, after a rather hectic year, I finally wrapped my creative mind around an article for the Summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. I have to thank Joan Tayler for inspiring the article. We participated in an exchange last fall, and she turned my exchange charms into a pair of earrings…so clever.

I have been tempted to write tutorials for digital media, but nothing beats the thrill of seeing your work published and on the newsstand at Barnes & Noble or Michaels. In February, Alice Stroppel, Julie Eakes. Meisha Barbee and I collaborated on a bangle project.  On the surface the initial idea appeared to be simple, but each of us found at least one or two challenges before the bangles were completed. You will find an article about our challenges in the Fall issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry.

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Several months ago I received an email from Belle Armoire Jewelry. When I read the body of the message my heard skipped a few beats. The Faux Ivory Bracelets in the Summer issue were selected for the cover. My shout of joy was closer to a sonic boom. What a thrill.

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laurieI try to feature inspiration from the  interior design world and fashion…but today I’m celebrating. This is my 200th post & the Fall Belle Armoire Jewelry is on the newsstand with an article about my necklaces featuring recycled materials. The Fiesta Necklace is featured here.

It is hard to believe that this is #200. The time has really flown…and I’ve learned so much since I started last December. I can’t wait to see what I “discover in the next 200 posts!!!

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