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art-jewelry-magStill in Art Jewelry March Issue, Holly Stein has an intriguing element in a very colorful pendant…cement. (Unfortunately, I could not find a photo of her pendant, but this pendant by Tom McCarthy shows the possibilities of exploring cement as a design element.)  “In our March 2013 issue, we featured a project by Holly Stein titled, “Learn How to Use Cement in Jewelry Design.” Inspired by that project, we invited renowned jewelry artists to submit images of their work utilizing concrete/cement. This gallery showcases some of the best contemporary concrete/cement jewelry work being created today, and highlights the versatility of this commonplace, industrial material.”

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Karen J. Lauseng’s Web of Spiders brooch was feature in a recent Art Jewelry issue. On the surface it appeared to be a complex combination of materials, but taking a closer look you realized it was comprised on plastic spiders and other ‘Dollar Store’ finds.Design to me is an adventure. I find the beauty of the craft in its individuality.  When designing a piece, I begin with an idea and allow the materials to dictate the end result.  Each piece evolves during the working process and records my personal experiences.” 

Take a closer look before you follow this link for the materials Karen used in this striking necklace.

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