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Trained as an architect, Alia of Archetype Z studio, wanted her work to reach more people in shorter time span. “Archetype Z Studio was started by myself – Alia – as a way to explore smaller scale design work. I have degrees in Architecture from Berkeley and UCLA, but I’ve always had an interest in smaller scale design like product and jewelry design. Whereas in architecture one often spends years developing a single design for a single client, in jewelry design one can develop multiple designs for (potentially) the masses. The idea that great modern design can be accessible to all is a powerful and appealing concept that I can no longer resist. Archetype Z offers some entirely handmade jewelry (like polyclay designs). However my work has an increasing focus on digital fabrication like 3D printing and lasercutting which allow me to create from almost limitless design possiblities. Yet even with digitally fabricated designs I prefer to have some sort of personal handling (polishing, sanding, assembling, etc) before passing each item on to its future owner.”

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