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noah deledda2In the mid 80’s Charles Lewton-Brain introduced a new ‘wrinkle’ to metalsmithing…foldforming…the manipulation of metal into three dimensional shapes and textures. Self-taught artist, Noah Deledda, has taken a ‘throw away’ item from daily life and created a masterpiece of foldformed aluminum…the Red Bull Can. “The inner beauty of the can’s polished aluminum surface is revealed. By hand, I apply dents to sculpt patterns of shapes onto the can’s surface. The designs are made possible by the properties of the cylinder and the malleability of the aluminum. Thus presenting the familiar object and method in an unfamiliar way. The sculptures suggest the art of possibility, overlooked beauty and the irony of unexpected simplicity.”

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It was with much sadness that I read the announcement on the Michael Peckitt home page, that he passed away on September 11, 2012. “My handmade designer jewellery is shaped from acrylic and anodised aluminium with fittings handcrafted from sterling silver. High quality materials are used in my vibrant designer jewellery and very wearable jewellery accessories. Trained in fine art painting, I work colour into these unique jewellery accessories. My designer jewellery is worn as dynamic fine art. Acrylic is painted in layers and then sealed. Aluminium is anodised to accept dyes and made into very fashionable bangles, bracelets and pendants.”

His daughter will be carrying on the work of Very Colorful Jewelry.  “He always wanted a family business and we often talked about plans for the future so I am both extrememly lucky and excited to be able to carry on his legacy. Although we have worked together for several years now they will still remain a large and very dynamic pair of shoes to fill.”

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