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Alison-Sigethy-Sea-JewelsWatching the photos on Alison Sigethy’s home page brings a tranquility to the moment…and this is one of the goals of her creative process. The other goal is repurposing discarded materials and giving them a new life form“My choice in glass is largely environmental – structural glass, which makes up the majority of all manufactured glass, is not recycled but buried in land fills – so using building glass is part of my mission. But I also enjoy the challenge of taking a cold, hard sterile material and giving it new life as an organic form. People often comment that my work looks like it’s living, growing or in motion, and nothing could please me more.”

I can certainly use a moment of tranquility after returning from a wonderful vacation in coastal South Carolina. I worked up to cycling 6 miles each morning, crossing vistas of marsh and jungle like terrain…all so very un-Ohio. Now I am back to city life and all of the accoutremon of work, house for sale and a weeds that are calling my name. OH WELL…

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