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I stumbled across Glaze Techtonics last week. The artist, Alex Solia is no longer working in clay. After a series of medical crises, he has transitioned to photography and web design. As I scrolled through blog, I uttered a series of ‘WOWS’.

The platters featured on Glaze Techtonics have been in storage for years. “The past ten years have flown by, during which time these platters have languished in obscurity, stifled deep within crates… waiting for the right venue to show them off to their advantage. The one show they’ve been in was back in 2008, at the Johnson Museum at Cornell. It was a great show, but not nearly enough. I want MORE!

So, my question to the greater audience at large: How do I get these platters out there? Does anyone know of a gallery space that would be interested and appropriate for this body of work? These platters are massive, and really need space. I tried showing them in a small functional pottery-type gallery setting, and the real estate was minimal, and the visual competition was exasperating. No breathing room. No way to take in the massiveness of these formsI would love to find a gallery where these could be shown and sold…. ideas anyone? I am happy to make calls and visit with gallery owners, but so far my experience has been primarily with galleries that specialize in functional pottery, which obviously have VERY different priorities and opportunities. That said…. I am fielding suggestions and comments!”

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