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clairelyClaire Requa describes the lighting designs for her company, Accents, as FUNKTIONAL. Utilizing the acrylic ‘scraps’ from her lighting designs, Claire has created a line of jewelry, aptly named…Clairely.

“What started five years ago as a single lamp shade in polypropylene inspired by classical chandeliers, has grown to become a collection of lamp shades in polypropylene and lighting fixtures in acrylic. The collection of products also include mirrors, cushions, mugs and more. So popular are the products that they have been available in various shops in over 20 countries.

Claire continues to create and develop her ideas, producing ever more new and exciting designs, with varying functions and purposes. The Claire de Lune Chandeliers are flat pack to minimize carbon footprint, and eco-friendly packing materials are used where possible. Even a line of jewellery was created as a side to use the excess acrylic – upcycled jewellery. And so it was that Clairely Jewellery was born.”

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Debra Adelson’s work ranges from rings to handbags and everything in between. She works primarily with silver and argentium and adds hand carved acrylic to add that punch of color.

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