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Yes…it is wallpaper and Yes…they are feathers…and No…you don’t want to know the price!!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that wallpaper is drastically different from your mother’s and grandmother’s wallpaper. This is a good example. This paper is from the Schumacher “Nest” collection. It is soooooooo expensive that we don’t have even a small sample in our showroom. The sales rep brought it in for a seminar…IT IS AMAZING!!!

In future posts I plan to show more of the design elements that are part of my day to day work environment. I am blessed to be surrounded by 80,000+ samples of fabric and wallpaper. If I can’t find a link for the fabric or wallpaper…I’ll scan it.

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red-tile1I have had an idea floating around in my head…mix sand into clay for the texture…then make pleats. What would happen…

Well, don’t bother with the sand…what a mess and the sand is completely lost after it is baked…but the pleats…we may have something there.

I wish I had photographed the tile when it first came out of the oven…BORING!!! Actually, beyond boring. Then I brushed a little Renaissance Gold acrylic paint on the edges…WOW!!! Even that small amount of paint added depth and dimension.

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I’ve spent the last two months working on some of the ideas that have been dancing aroivoryund in my head for quite awhile. I have always liked the look of the faux ivory. Tory Huges and Desiree McCrorey are two artists who have really mastered this technique. After many futile attempts…I assure you I have not…at least until recently. Of course the break through was not intentional…but it does warrant some further experimentation…

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I postponed trying this technique again for fear it would not work. With much trepidation I mixed and sprayed and swirled and dabbed!!! VOILA!!!

Here is a slice from one area to highlight what is happening on the tile…not sure why…but it is exactly what I had in mind.

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I recently spent a week at a workshop in the mountains. Maybe it was the lack of oxygen that made my brain work differently…BUT…I found that I wanted to work in a new direction. The linear aspect of my work took second place to a freer-unconstructed aspect that I didn’t know existed.

I’ve tried cuff bracelets with the metal form before…AWFUL!!! But Laura Timmins creates the most incredible jewelry including cuff bracelts.  Laura gave me several lessons on construction…and my oxygen deprived mind did the rest.

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What is the hotest trend in jewelry today…BANGLES!!!

I have been making bangles since my ‘early’ polymer days. Whenever I took a class I would practice the technique in a bangle. I have boxes full of bangles. WELL…I am finally in style!!!

Here is my latest bangle…remember those wonderful crystals…and the experiments…I think I’ve finally worked out the problems with the earlier bracelet. Please, let me know what you think??????????????

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New Direction

I just returned from a week of immersion in polymer with several other polymer artists. It was such a collaborative environment. Everything was…WHAT IF!!!

There are so many things I want to try…but of course the inks called the loudest. I am using Pinatas in this photo…in the fall I will probably switch to Adirondack since they are more muted.

This is still in the experimentation stage…but it shows potential.

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