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While flipping through the pages of the High Point Accessories Preview book, metallics appear to be ‘THE’ surface for Spring 2016. I apologize for the quality of the photos. Most of the items are new and the items have not been published online.

The feature photo is an oil from Prestige Art. The reflective nature of the gold veining is not apparent in this photo, but I see translating design into a marbled polymer surface or even mokume gane. Love the tonal effect of the grays in contrast to the gold.

flow decorThe trio of lamps from Flowdecor, features the metallics in a traditional greek key columnar shape, a sleek contemporary paired with acrylic and a glass & textural base.

Gold appears to dominate the metallic landscape this year, followed by bronze and then silver.

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legacy linen_editedThe next few posts will feature the colors, textures & trends from the Spring 2016 High Point Furniture Market. The preview books arrived yesterday and after a quick perusal, it appears this deep blue is ‘THE’ color. How to describe it…HMMM!!! The deeper blues in this beautiful agate are close, as is the background color of blueprints.



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serenity-rose quartz

The wait is over and the Pantone colors of 2016 are Serenity and Rose Quartz…YAWN!!! Since the last 20 years of my career was in interior design, I am seeing nursery decor, or onesies in Serenity and possibly party dresses up to age 6…beyond that…NOT SO MUCH!!!

From the Pantone Executive Director “Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.” 

past 6 years

As you look over Pantone’s color of the year for the last 6 years you will see several colors that have ‘legs’ and some that fall flat. While my favorite color palette includes the rusts, golds and neutrals of the Fall, Radiant Orchid through Turquoise find a way into my Spring and Summer designs. (My daughter’s burgundy school uniform definitely influenced my decision to avoid Marsala)  Let’s talk next year about Serenity & Rose Quartz…I would love to know how they have influenced your designs…or not!!!

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frey willeIn Frey Wille’s homage series, the focus is now on Expressionist painter Egon Scheile. “The themes of expressionism were diverse, experimental and radical. Artists expressed their deepest emotions through strong colour and design. They did not want to paint pretty pictures, or even realistic ones—they used ugliness, distortion and disassociation to express their own feelings, and elicit strong emotional reaction.” 

The Frey Wille site has a fascinating series of photos that focus on the design process. The elements and colors may provide inspiration for your next project. 

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Happy New Year!!!

May 2010 be healthy, happy, prosperous & creative for you and your family!!!

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This interesting piece is from artisan house. During the last few years we’ve seen an increase in contemporary art in our showroom and at the market…much of it has a ‘retro’ feel. If you have time scroll through the pages in the abstract wall sculpture pages…and the new product pages. More inpiration for color and design.

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mandala_red_roundI saw this rug in a design magazine yesterday. Love the shading and the framing of the elements with white…or it may be cream. I think I will try this in January…when my mind is not so crammed with things I HAVE to do.

This rug is from Asha Carpets. There are several other carpet designs that are interesting.

UPDATE: I found out the price for the feather wallpaper…HOPE YOU ARE SITTING DOWN…$9,000. Yes…that is the correct number of 0’s. That is not a double roll either. One piece 118″ wide by 90″ long. Here is a rerun of the ‘paper’.  I also discovered the feathers are accumulated from natural shedding.


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Yes…it is wallpaper and Yes…they are feathers…and No…you don’t want to know the price!!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that wallpaper is drastically different from your mother’s and grandmother’s wallpaper. This is a good example. This paper is from the Schumacher “Nest” collection. It is soooooooo expensive that we don’t have even a small sample in our showroom. The sales rep brought it in for a seminar…IT IS AMAZING!!!

In future posts I plan to show more of the design elements that are part of my day to day work environment. I am blessed to be surrounded by 80,000+ samples of fabric and wallpaper. If I can’t find a link for the fabric or wallpaper…I’ll scan it.

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red-tile1I have had an idea floating around in my head…mix sand into clay for the texture…then make pleats. What would happen…

Well, don’t bother with the sand…what a mess and the sand is completely lost after it is baked…but the pleats…we may have something there.

I wish I had photographed the tile when it first came out of the oven…BORING!!! Actually, beyond boring. Then I brushed a little Renaissance Gold acrylic paint on the edges…WOW!!! Even that small amount of paint added depth and dimension.

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I’ve spent the last two months working on some of the ideas that have been dancing aroivoryund in my head for quite awhile. I have always liked the look of the faux ivory. Tory Huges and Desiree McCrorey are two artists who have really mastered this technique. After many futile attempts…I assure you I have not…at least until recently. Of course the break through was not intentional…but it does warrant some further experimentation…

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