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I stumbled across this glassware by Joseph Hoffman in a Wall Street Journal insert entitled…The Future of Everything. His background is fascinating, but the scope of his life’s work is amazing…furniture, glassware, architecture, jewelry etc.

With an eye that favored strict geometric shapes, Josef Hoffmann was in many ways anticipatory of the cubist movement. His fondness for the square was so well-known that the architect and designer earned the nickname Quadrati-Hoffmann (Square Hoffman) among his peers.

Hoffmann was among the rare breed of designers who could make anything. Coming to prominence at the turn of the 20th century, the Austrian creative put his mark on everything from lounge chairs and silverware to a modernist sanatorium. Hoffmann undoubtedly owed much of his success to good company—working alongside artists like Koloman Moser and Gustav Klimt, the young Hoffmann founded the Vienna Secession, an organization of artists that held exhibitions of progressive work as a reaction to the prevailing conservatism of the art world.”

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legacy linen_editedThe next few posts will feature the colors, textures & trends from the Spring 2016 High Point Furniture Market. The preview books arrived yesterday and after a quick perusal, it appears this deep blue is ‘THE’ color. How to describe it…HMMM!!! The deeper blues in this beautiful agate are close, as is the background color of blueprints.



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Sometimes inspiration comes from unusual sources…the texture of a tree, the color of the morning sky, or the surface of a beautiful piece of furniture. The color, shape and linear design of this armoire from Ralph Pucci International is beautiful in the original, but imagine it as a pair of earrings or a pendant…STUNNING!!!

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A few ‘tidbits’ about the Furniture Market…

It is held twice a year in High Point, North Carolina – April & October

The Furniture Market attracts buyers from all corners of the world…The world shops for furniture in North Carolina.

The Furniture Market has been compared to Fashion Week.

Sorry this is blurry
This piece was about 6 feet wide…but very lightweight


A rug hanging in a window…great cane inspiration

Loved this chandelier…spoons
They also had one with spoons and teacups


Small Shells

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Mid-Century Modern is a trendy description for designs from the 50’s. If you want to go back to the future take a look at 2modern. The designs and color combinations are interesting…but not cheap. The featured console is $3,400.

Minor Celebration: This is post number 500. I have learned a great deal researching posts during the last two years. I am looking forward to the next 500.

Unfortunately, I will have to take a break in a few weeks. Many of you know that my husband and I were in a serious auto accident in 2009. He has had two shoulder surgeries and on November 8th I will have my second knee surgery since the accident. As soon as I can hobble over to the computer I will be back at it with a stack of new material.

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The furniture market is just around the corner. Since I am in charge of our schedule I usually schedule something that I’m interested in seeing. That detour typically elicits an ‘are you crazy’ from my husband.  I think this chair from Kartell would fall into that category. OH WELL!!!

BTW…The chair appeared in an article about dorm decor. At $960…I don’t think so!!!

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The Meredith Wendel site will definitely be a go to when my ‘muse’ has left the room. The uncluttered design combined with repetitive shapes make my creative heart sing with ideas. Meredith draws inspiration from the beautiful Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia, where she grew up.

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“Will you walk into my parlor?” said the spider to the fly. I’m not sure when I heard this poem the first time…sometime in childhood. The phrase popped into my head when I saw this bracelet at Opening Ceremony. I love the description…playful and ferocious.

I’m not sure if this fits into the ‘we can do this’ category. Of course, now that I’m taking a metalsmithing class I have opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

Opening Ceremony is an interesting site. I noted several items in the jewelry section for further ‘study’.

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armaniWhy search for words when Veranda Magazine describes this bar by Giorgio Armani so well. “Reflecting the spirit of Armani’s haute couture, the Armani/Casa 2008/2009 collection interprets the Art Deco period in a contemporary way with textural variety, a geometric sensibility and an affinity for a restrained palette, creating a point of view that is both consistent and connected. Imitating the movement of one of his pleated garments, Armani applies a glossy, pleated surface to the geometrically styled doors of the black lacquered Bach bar, finishing it with lobster-colored fabric.”

Armani has created a new home decor collection. Love the clean lines and the Art Deco Influences.

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duneI recently received a postcard from an outdoor furniture company…BarlowTyrie. The compostion, color combinations and the classic design of the chair combine to make a very strong visual image.
The home page scrolls through a series of additional strong visual images that make the impression…LESS IS MORE.

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