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During the last few weeks, I have been exploring the world of black & white for metal etching projects. What better place to find images in black and white than Marimekko? (I would love a pair of Converse Marimekkos  …but not for $90)

Follow this video for a peek into the making of the fabrics:

And this video for the Spring/Summer fashion show…wonderful ideas for geometric canes…

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If you like paisley…then this is your year. Etro has a collection of purses in traditional paisley, and a stylized version for their spring and summer 2012 clothing line. Sit back and relax for 12 minutes of color, design and jewelry inspiration.

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It may be cold, rainy, sunny, snowy or…if you live in Ohio…all of the aforementioned, but it is time to think spring.  Elle’s Trend Report features “The big fashion ideas you need to know, from the latest print to the new silhouette”.  Several categories are noteworthy…abstract art, baroque flourishes and digital imaging

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Danielly Gori-Montanelli has lived a rather nomadic life from DC, to Tribeca, Soho, the Financial District, Brooklyn & Florence, Italy.  (I am partial to the last location.) “After having two children, and wanting to get away from the dangerous materials involved in metal work, she discovered and began working exclusively in felt. No more gas tanks, dirty goggles, dangerous chemicals or leaky sand blasters – now her tools are a pair of scissors, a needle, thread, and, most importantly, a thimble.”

Her work has a tongue-in-cheek attitude and the descriptions will bring a smile to your face. Of the featured necklace she saysJust throw this on when you make a quick run to the store to buy milk. Well, ok, maybe not. This is a big one. This is for when you really want to make a statement, when you want to be noticed, when you’re feeling bold and whimsical, or when you just want to have fun! It will bring smiles to everyone around you.

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A few ‘tidbits’ about the Furniture Market…

It is held twice a year in High Point, North Carolina – April & October

The Furniture Market attracts buyers from all corners of the world…The world shops for furniture in North Carolina.

The Furniture Market has been compared to Fashion Week.

Sorry this is blurry
This piece was about 6 feet wide…but very lightweight


A rug hanging in a window…great cane inspiration

Loved this chandelier…spoons
They also had one with spoons and teacups


Small Shells

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The next few posts are a departure from my typical blog format. The digital camera was working in fast forward for the two days I spent at the High Point Furniture Market.  While you won’t find any links to sources, here are some of the trends and textures from Fall 2011.

A little blurry-sorry-I was moving FAST!!!


Love the color combination

Another great color combination

Cane inspiration

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Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal features Milan Fashion Week…Designers Go Bold. The zucchini print dress jumped off the page and into this post. “A Dolce & Gabbana client may choose among flirty eggplants, hot peppers and zucchini prints for her summer dress”. The article is a snapshot behind the scenes…a fascinating read.

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From her iconic wrap dress in the 70’s to her new home collection, Diane Von Furstenberg has always been ‘pushing’ pattern. Scroll through her site for a variety of simple black and white patterns to bold mixes of primaries.

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The latest American Craft arrived this week and the next few posts will focus on many of the featured artists. We start with Maggy Rozcki Hiltner’s Hothouse Flowers. This 1.5′ X 12′ piece of cotton and found textiles is part of an exhibit entitled Green: The Color and the Cause at The Textile Museum in Washington D.C.

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Our fabric showroom receives discontinued lists from resources each week. Always on the lookout for designs that can repurpose these fabrics, this simple bracelet from CCSkye caught my eye. Off to the store today for small buckles. Somewhere in the studio I have eyelets and rivets. Don’t you love the scrapbooking aisle???

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